A BATHING APE® x arena

World class swimwear brand "arena" and "A BATHING APE® are coming together for a special collaboration. Arena's history and tradition boasting innovative technologies has helped many medalists win numerous world championships and are merged with A BATHING APE®'s original camouflage pattern and brand logo. Collaboration items will be available at A BATHING APE® locations and us.bape.com on Saturday, August 24th. 

We can’t help but be awed and amazed at the world of athletic swimming, where top swimmers are regularly fiercely competing over 1/100th of a second. The amount of gear that can be worn on the strong, chiseled bodies of the athletes as they battle their way through the water's spray is limited, so it’s vital that there be a competitive swimwear manufacturer that can support athletes by making the fastest swimwear on earth. Ever since its inception in Germany in 1973, Arena has striven to provide products that are innovative and stylish, excel in functionality, and draw inspiration from the world of sports. There are special regulations in competitive swimming and according to FINA, the federation that oversees international water sports competitions, swimwear worn by athletes must be the exact same as that sold on the commercial market.

Centering on A BATHING APE®’s signature “ABC CAMO” pattern, Arena’s standard team line is given a hint of flair with special BAPE®-style designs. A number of unisex items are available to coordinate, including tops, bottoms and graphic tees that show both companies’ iconic logos, as well as towels and mesh handbags. With the rising popularity in recent years of swimming, water walking, water yoga, and other sports that people can start immediately so long as they have a swimsuit and pair of goggles, the demand and variety of water sports continues to increase, and this camo-patterned swimwear is sure to help you shine in the pool and boost your motivation. Please be sure to check it out. 

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