A BATHING APE® and MEDICOM TOY will be teaming up to do another collaboration capsule collection. The capsule includes a special 1000% BE@RBRICK and a newly designed tee. This collaboration will be available March 10th, 2018. 

In celebration of the opening of BAPE STORE® LOS ANGELES, a special collection will be releasing exclusively at BAPE® LA which includes a "LOS ANGELES CAMO" 100% BE@RBRICK, shark hoodie, and t-shirt. This collection will release on March 10th, 2018. 







A raffle will be held at 10am at BAPE® LA to determine the order in which the customer can enter the store on Saturday, March 10th, 2018 to purchase the Be@rbrick products. Customers can begin to line up at 8:30am to enter the raffle. Any customers who line up prior to 8:30am and after 10am will not be allowed to enter the raffle, for any reasons.

Pre-numbered wristbands will be distributed at 10am to customers on a random basis and not on a first come, first serve basis. For example, a customer who lined up 1st in line may get a No. 50 wristband and will be the 50th person to enter the store.

Due to limited quantity, entry does not guarantee the right to purchase.

Customers will only be allowed 1 item of each style. Customers who purchased a 1000% Be@rbrick will not be allowed to purchase the Chogokin Be@rbrick and vice versa.

Please do not wait overnight or early in the morning before 8:30am since this will cause inconvenience to neighboring stores and residents.

Customers who fail to follow directions given by our staff will not be allowed to enter the raffle.

Sales will be refused to anyone caught offering money or goods to other customers, or trying to sell or promote their products to customers inside and outside of the store.

Any behavior causing inconvenience to local residents, stores, or other customers (such as attempting to cut the line) may lead to the raffle or sale of the product canceled immediately.

For credit/debit card purchases, please ensure the ID and the card details match. We do not allow the usage of other people’s card.

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