Garfield, the world's most famous and popular cat made his debut in a daily newspaper comic strip in 1978, and since then, has starred in his own television series and movies. Garfield's cuddly body and half-eyed eyes are his trademark. He is also a goofball and despite his sarcastic humor, has a charming personality that makes him a favorite among children and adults all over the world. The Garfield collaboration with BAPE® will be available on Saturday, July 4th.

Garfield comes together with BAPE®'s iconic APE HEAD and BABY MILO® graphics which has been loved by BAPE® fans since its inception. Garfield is transformed in BAPE®'s famous BABY MILO® style for a fun comical look. The collection includes tees, hoodies, cap, and tote bag which are items that are great for everyday use. Tees in kid's sizes will be available as well, so the collection can be worn by families! 


“Garfield”, the cat, is the protagonist of Jim Davis’ hugely popular comic series which began to be serialized in American newspapers in 1978. Garfield is a male cat. Garfield loves to eat, and his favorite food is lasagna. His dislikes are spiders and Mondays. Lazy, cynical, and arrogant. Despite this, he is popular all over the world for his goofy and somehow admirable charm. The Garfield comic is currently serialized in more than 2,600 newspapers worldwide and has a readership of more than 260 million people, making him “the world's most famous cat.” In 2019, ViacomCBS acquired Garfield as part of Nickelodeon’s strategy to be the home for the biggest franchises that kids and families love, while expanding Nickelodeon’s growing portfolio of influential properties including SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Blue’s Clues & You! The Garfield collaboration with BAPE® continues to propel the brand forward and bring the beloved character to new fans across the globe.


BABY MILO® A BATHING APE®ʼs popular character BABY MILO® came from the distant future, looking for bananas to eat. MILO seems expressionless, timid and a little shy, but he loves singing and dancing. Of course, his favorite food is bananas. His dream is to grow a banana tree and eat all of the bananas on his own.

BAPE® x Garfield Pullover - $289

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #1 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #2 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #3 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #4 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #5 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tee #6 - Mens: $115

BAPE® x Garfield Mesh Cap - $115

BAPE® x Garfield Tote Bag - $115