BAPE® is releasing collaboration items with Chicago contemporary artist HEBRU BRANTLEY. Hebru's original characters, the "FLYBOY" and "LIL MOMMA" come together with BAPE®'s famous BABY MILO® and the APE HEAD motifs for graphic t-shirts and shark hoodies where the eyes have been replaced with the FLYBOY's iconic pilot goggles. Items will be available at A BATHING APE® LOS ANGELES and SOCIAL STATUS on June 2nd and at all A BATHING APE® stores on June 9th. A special appearance by Hebru Brantley himself will be made at BAPE STORE® LOS ANGELES on June 2nd. 




A raffle will be held at 9:30am at BAPE LA to determine the order in which the customer can enter the store on Saturday, June 2nd, 2018 for the purchase of BAPE® X Hebru Brantley products. Customers should start lining up at 8:30am to enter the raffle. Please do not start lining up prior to 8:30am. Also, customers who arrive before 8:30am and after 9:30am will not be allowed, for any reasons, to enter the raffle.
Pre-numbered wristbands will be distributed at 9:30am to customers on a random basis, not on a first come first served basis. For example, customer who lined up 1st in line may get a No. 50 wristband and will be the 50th person to enter the store.
Due to limited available quantities, entry does not guarantee the right to purchase.
Please do not queue over night or early in the morning (before 8:30am) since this will cause inconvenience to neighboring stores and residents.
Customers who fail to follow directions given by our staff will not be allowed to enter the raffle to purchase the products.
Sales will be refused to anyone caught offering money or goods to other customers, or trying to sell or otherwise promote their products to other customers inside and outside the store.
Any behavior causing inconvenience to local residents, stores or other customers (such as attempts to jump the queue) may lead to raffle or sale of the product being terminated immediately.
For credit card/debit card purchases, please ensure that the purchaser’s ID and card details match. We do not allow the usage of other people’s card.


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