PINGU, a popular cartoon born in Switzerland in 1980, is a non-stop motion animation that has been popular amongst various age groups since it was first broadcasted on Japanese television in 1992. This first ever collaboration between A BATHING APE® and PINGU will feature Pingu - the Emperor Penguin protagonist living in Antarctica, his sister Pinga, and the seal friend Robby. This collection including the kids line, will feature designs that resonates with the characters of PINGU, BAPE®'s iconic ape head, and BABY MILO®. The animation storyline can be found in the ape head acting as the cartoon frame, the full zip hoodie with PINGU replacing the standard shark motif on shark hoodies, and BABY MILO® incorporated designs allow fans to fully enjoy the best of both worlds.

Loved by all, this collaborative collection of precious characters from Antarctica come together with A BATHING APE® for children and adults to enjoy together. 


Pingu was born in 1984, by the plasticine brainchild of animators Otmar Gutmann and Harold Muecke. Ever since Pingu made his first appearance in several short episodes, it has starred in a pilot movie that was developed in 1986 for Swiss TV and followed its success. Adored for 30 years, Pingu has achieved worldwide recognition and universal appeal with his unique "Penguinese" language that needs no translation. His fondness for turning his beak into a trumpet lets us know whether he is happy or sad. This is one penguin who wears his heart on his flipper!

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