Los Angeles born UNDEFEATED, one of the fastest growing streetwear brands expanding worldwide, are releasing items with A BATHING APE® for the autumn/winter collection. This time, a number of products that have integrated UNDEFEATED's original camouflage, the "UND CAMO" and BAPE® CAMO will be released. In addition, there will be a release of a collaboration model from the global boots brand "TIMBERLAND", established in Boston, MA, USA in 1928. The standard "yellow nubuck" by TIMBERLAND which guarantees to keep you warm, dry, and keep the shoes durable has been upgraded and adorned with the BAPE® CAMO. The collection will be released at A BATHING APE® locations on October 27th.

A raffle will be held at 10:00am at BAPE® NY to determine the order in which the customer can enter the store on Saturday, October 27th, 2018 for the purchase of the BAPE® x UNDEFEATED x Timberland boots. Customers should start lining up at 8:30am to enter the raffle. Please do not start lining up prior to 8:30am. Also, customers who arrive before 8:30am and after 9:30am will not be allowed, for any reasons, to enter the raffle. BAPE® NY will open at 11am. 










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