BAPE® BLACK, the high-end collection with a luxury twist by A BATHING APE® is releasing a new collection featuring detailed designs, refined materials and skilled craftsmanship. This collection's launch will be in two stages, with the first being released on Saturday, September 28th. In Japan, items will be available only at Dover Street Market Ginza. 

BAPE® BLACK debuted in the Spring/Summer of 2015. In contrast to the traditional BAPE® designs, the original BAPE BLACK designs were elegant with black and gold as the base colors of the line. Items were luxuriously adorned with SWAROVSKI crystals. Hip-hop artist Travis Scott was featured as the model to debut this new line and caused a buzz among streetwear fans. In the Fall/Winter collection for the same year, the look book was modeled by R&B singer Chris Brown. In the collection, the Rolex Deepsea (44mm) watch was custom made by British watchmaker BAMFORD and limited to just four pieces for an exclusive release. Following a brief silence, the third collection made its return in January 2018. Combined with the highest quality materials, the opulent gold color metal plate and embroideries added even more elegance to this collection of premium items.  


The long awaited fourth collection is for those who desire to elevate their streetwear style to the next level of urban luxury. As opposed to the original black and gold color combination used in the past, this season's collection introduces silver as an accent color, highlighting the prominent details in the collection. 

The iconic APE HEAD is transformed into a ferocious motif. The season's original pistol motif is featured as the zipper of the full zip hoodie and military leather blouson, showing off richness in detail. 

The fourth collection also includes a rich lineup of silver jewelry, based on the key color of the collection. Money clips, necklaces, rings, and bracelets each include the APE HEAD motif, and the intricate and rugged design boasts strong presence. 

Take this opportunity to indulge in BAPE BLACK®, the luxurious interpretation and evolution of A BATHING APE®.