December 12, 2019, marks the 15th anniversary of “BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK”. A series of limited-edition items will be available exclusively at the New York store in celebration.
To commemorate this special milestone, let us take a look at the New York store’s history.


In 1993, A BATHING APE®︎ opened its doors for the first time on the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo. In 1998, BAPE®︎ expanded its business, opening the flagship shop “BUSY WORK SHOP” (currently known as the BAPE STORE®︎) in every major metropolitan location in Japan. Not stopping at fashion, BAPE®︎ expanded the brand with many other businesses, including cafés, hair salons, and music labels, bringing new lifestyles to the market. Having become one of the symbols of Tokyo culture in the 90s, on December 12th, 2004, BAPE®︎ made the leap to expand into overseas markets by opening the BUSY WORK SHOP NEW YORK (currently known as BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK). While many Japanese brands still hesitated to expand internationally, BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK can be said to be Japanese street culture’s first major step onto the global stage.

New York is the dreamland for those interested in culture and fashion. In this city where pioneering figures gather, it was the trendy SoHo neighborhood where BAPE®︎ chose to build its new base. As the home of many galleries, museums, and apparel stores, the neighborhood of SoHo not only draws in New Yorkers but also people from all over the world whose senses are keen. It can be said that SoHo is the intersection where pioneering information and ideas are exchanged, where history is made and new cultures are born. Similar to Harajuku, a major center of cultural expression in Tokyo, the neighborhood of SoHo was the most suitable starting point for BAPE®︎’s first step toward the global stage.


As the brand continued to gain attention from all over the world, the news of the BAPE’s New York arrival created hype before the store even opened its doors. The opening of the New York store welcomed many notable names, including Pharrell Williams, Kanye West, Pusha T, in addition to Mos Def, Common, Futura, Lee, and STASH.


After establishing in SoHo, BAPE®︎ continued to attract many fans from every corner of the world. With its gathered momentum, the brand quickly expanded its business into many overseas markets including London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, Russia, and Dubai. Similar to Tokyo’s Harajuku which gave birth to a new apparel brand, BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK can be said to have elevated the brand to a global standard.


In 2015, to celebrate the New York store’s 10th anniversary, BAPE®︎ collaborated with 10 prominent figures to release limited-edition items. The collaborations spanned across media and genres, including music artists such as Big Sean, Flatbush ZOMBiES, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Travis Scott, and Wiz Khalifa, artists such as STASH and Futura, as well as the record label Def Jam, and Chicago brand RSVP GALLERY

December 12, 2019 marks BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK’s 15th anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, BAPE®︎ will release a series of limited-edition items including iPhone and AirPods cases, Modernica Chairs and Tables (sold separately), du-rags, and keychains which feature BAPE®︎’s original New York camo, in addition to T-shirts inspired by New York’s subway system.


BAPE STORE®︎ NEW YORK will undoubtedly continue to remain a connection between Tokyo and New York, bridging the culture between Harajuku and Soho.





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