As a preventative measure to minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), many people are switching to work from home, and the number of users on video call services are increasing rapidly. A BATHING APE® is offering "BAPE® ORIGINAL WALLPAPERS and VIDEOS" for those who are using such online services to work and join conference calls from home. On the video call screen, you can set an image to be the background of your screen. You can also simply use one of the images as a wallpaper for your computer screen. 

For the second launch, the "ALL BABY MILO® BANANA", "MILO ALL SAFARI" wallpapers and a "MILO JUNK FOOD" video featuring BAPE®'s mascot character will be available. Set up your desktop on your computer and backdrop on video calls with the cute MILO character or the latest BAPE® graphics. We will continue to add more images in the future, so keep an eye out!


To save the images on your computer, right-click the images or drag and drop them on your desktop.

This service is intended for individual and personal use. Images cannot be used for advertising or commercial purposes of companies or products. You may not redistribute, share, or reproduce images acquired from this website. 

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