A BATHING APE® is releasing the third paper crafting project, the "BAPE STORE® SHOPPING BAG", which will be available to download for free Friday, May 15th 2020. 

As many around the world are taking preventative measures against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) such as being in quarantine at home and social distancing, BAPE® will start a free paper craft download of the "BAPE STORE® SHOPPING BAG" to provide an enjoyable activity for our fans. 

The shipping bags used at BAPE STORE® locations around the world turned into papercrafts!

The "BAPE STORE® SHOPPING BAG", like the actual shopping bags are available now for paper crafting in three sizes and colors: blue (small), red (medium), and green (large). You can enjoy the feeling of shopping without leaving the house and just staying home. 

Print out the downloaded template and assemble the parts. The finished "BAPE STORE® SHOPPING BAG" paper craft can be displayed to decorate your home or used to hold small items. Enjoy your time at home with our new activity!

*Paper crafting is creating three-dimensional objects with paper by utilizing several different hands on skills such as folding, pasting, and assembling. Paper crafting is for everyone and can be enjoyed by all from kids to adults.