Women are starting to place a higher value on a healthy lifestyle more than ever before. Through activities such as yoga, running, strength training, and so forth, women are able to attain the ultimate goal of building their bodies into physical peak.

The standards of beauty that have been long held in Japan are known as being cute and fragile. However, a recent paradigm shift is happening where women are growing out of the old standards of the past and are now finding the aesthetics of "natural beauty" increasingly attractive. 

A BATHING APE®, being in tun with the ever-changing trends in culture and fashion, will be releasing sports-inspired items. Trend waves in street fashion along with a demand for improvement have been the driving force in the production of the items featured in this collection. This season's leggings are improved with thicker materials substantial enough to beautifully show the body line while being easy to move about in. 

Available in both feminine pink and stylish black, these leggings are made unique with the iconic BAPE STA accent design.

The brand's brilliance can be seen in the design; these leggings are not limited to just the daily workout but can be incorporated into looks on days out in the city. This pair of leg wear highlights the body line, and there is no doubt that it becomes the go-to piece in any streetwear outfit. The keyword to describe these leggings would have to be "healthy" as opposed to "sexy."


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