New York based artist and designer Bodega Rose has had her work appear in stores and exhibitions across the globe.  She is the green thumbed artist marrying high fashion and street style with plants. Bringing plants to new audiences, she has successfully created a new narrative around the medium. 

Her latest partnership is with elite streetwear brand A BATHING APE®. Styling their most notable design since the brands creation in 1993, the BAPE STA™, Rose casts the shoes infamous silhouette in concrete cement, turning a wearable object into homeware. Not only invoking the concrete nature of the brand's name in fashion culture, the footwear object is open to interpretation - be it a succulent's home, a pencil holder, or a piggy bank the Bodega Rose x A BATHING APE® is a staple piece for any fashion-savvy home. Handmade in Japan, the Bodega Rose x A BATHING APE® BAPE STA™ Planter is set to release this Saturday, July 18th on US.BAPE.COM.

Price: $259