Since its birth in the United States in 1982, Care Bears™ has many fans around the world, from children to adult vintage American toy fans, for its pop colors and cute iconic looks. There are a variety of bear characters colored in pastel colors and each Care Bear is a different color and has a special "belly badge" that represents its personality. More than 30 types of Care Bear characters have been introduced. The first collaboration between Care Bears™ and A BATHING APE® will be available at A BATHING APE® locations and US.BAPE.COM on Saturday, December 14th.

First introduced by American Greetings in 1982 through greeting cards, and later an animated television show. Since then, the show has been aired around the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, making Care Bears™ one of the world's most popular and endearing characters. The Care Bears™ and BAPE® collaboration items mainly feature the "Care Bears™ BAPE®" logo symbolizing the collaboration between the two. The mission of Care Bears™ is to "care" when children forget what's important in their precious hearts. Look back at this collaboration to recall important things that are easily forgotten in our busy lives. 

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