The "BAPE XXV project" has kicked off to celebrate 25 years of A BATHING APE® since the brand's establishment in 1993. We are launching the first collection of products in celebration on Saturday, May 26th. Special products with the iconic APE HEAD, SHARK MOTIF, and "XXV", symbolizing the number 25 are depicted in three different types of t-shirts, hoodies, wall clocks, key chains, sticker sets, and Iphone cases. 


The designs are based on the new CITIES CAMO pattern, incorporating many of BAPE®'s iconic logos, store locations and the pivotal 25 years "1993-2018": all of which are elements that contribute to the quarter of a century worth of BAPE's legacy. Besides green, blue, and pink, the red will be an exclusive addition to the available colors. 

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