A BATHING APE®´'s iconic SHARK HOODIE and BABY MILO® are coming together with MEDICOM TOY's bear-shaped block-type figure and Bandai's Chogokin! The BE@RBRICK shape is kept in its cute silhouette to create two Chogokin models: one printed in the BAPE® original 1ST CAMO pattern with the SHARK HOODIE motif to create the 1ST CAMO SHARK model and the other, in BABY MILO®. This product features the hefty look of Chogokin and allows multiple poses with a satisfying click as each part is moved; it's perfect for displaying or for picking up in your hands. This item is possible only by the combination of the excellent features of BAPE®, BE@RBRICK, and Chogokin. These items will be available Sunday, February 3rd.

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