Logo Tape Items, a Symbol of the New Season

Sports and street style have defined trends in recent years. 80's and 90's fashion trends are making a comeback and items arranged with styles that are reminiscent of the past but updated for modern day are popular among men and women who are fashion conscious. We focus on logo tape. which has become a staple design on many sportswear items and later for street style over time. 

The BAPE® 2019 A/W Ladies Collection is releasing many items with the logo tape. Always ahead of new trends, the brand is now releasing tape logo items, with the "BAPE STA™ LABEL" from the shoe tongue of BAPE STA™ sneakers. BAPE® fans are sure to recognize this catchy design. 

Another key feature is its application to shirts, knit caps, APE STA sneakers, puffer jackets, and other unexpected items in addition to the standard items, such as T-shirts and pants. The jersey track suit that has followed trends continuing for several seasons can be said to represent this season's SPORTS and HIP HOP themed looks. 

The sports trend is still going strong and steady. Incorporate items from the BAPE® 2019 A/W Ladies collection into your look for the latest trendy look.