mastermind VS A BATHING APE®

"A BATHING APE®" and "mastermind JAPAN" have teamed up for their first collaborative concept store in Japan. 

"mastermind JAPAN" and "A BATHING APE®" have led the Japanese fashion scene since the 1990s. The two brands have worked closely together for numerous collaborations in the past. The two streetwear icons launched a collaborative concept brand "mastermind VS A BATHING APE®" in 2018 and opened the first store in Hong Kong. Two years later, "mastermind VS A BATHING APE®" will make its first appearance in the US exclusively at BAPE® NY, BAPE® LA, and BAPE® MIAMI.

The pop up store will be available starting February 15th thru February 23rd, 2020 will be a chic and luxurious space, taking the black color as a basic theme. The space will be adorned with the letters spelling out "mastermind VS A BATHING APE®", as well as signature skull and shark and original camouflage prints that are representative of "BAPE®". An exclusive full collection will be spread out including caps, t-shirts, pants, and as well as collaboration items with "BE@RBRICK" from "MEDICOM TOY".



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