US.BAPE.COM will release a special collection exclusively for the online store. 
The collection will include hats, polos, tees, shorts, button downs, and hoodies. There will be a variety of colors to choose from. The colors shown are only for examples. More colors will be shown upon release.

Coming soon!
1st Camo Snapback: $129
One Point Beanie: $79
Ape Head 93 Polo: $158
1st Camo Ape Head One Point Polo: $187
Oxford BD Shirt L/S: $270
1st Camo Broad BD Shirt: $299
Pocket Hoop Tee: $129
1st Camo BAPE Tee: $144
Ape Head Tee: $98
One Point Tee: $98
College Tee: $98
College Sweat Pants: $244
1st Camo Sweat Shorts: $230
BAPE Full Zip Hoodie: $327
College Tote Bag: $55

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