Featuring UNKLE original point men, UNKLE sounds; both by Futura 2000 and Psyence fiction logos, original headz slogan and M.W.A (MO WAX ARTS ) camo, which was designed in 1999 by Ben Drury and James Lavelle featuring elements by Futura 2000 (who was collaborating with MO WAX and UNKLE, creating art work and graphics), inspired by the graphic camouflage trend of the time , the M.W.A camo has become a constant theme through out MO WAX and Unkle’s identity. The sneakers feature design, colors and fabrics based on the 2003 classic UNKLE BAPESTA™ collaboration.

A BATHING APE® VS UNKLE/MO WAX “ Original Headz “ collections will be available on Saturday,March 20th , 2021 at A BATHING APE® locations, US.BAPE.COM, BAPE.COM WEB STORE, ZOZOTOWN.