"A BATHING APE®", which was born in 1993 and has been leading the street scene for 27 years, and "READYMADE®", which started its brand in 2013 and has been supported by many artists and celebrities and now has fans all over the world, will launch their collaborative items on Saturday, February 27, 2021.


 Following the release of the first collaboration in 2017, which sold out in an instant, the long-awaited second collaboration will release a total of five items. The 3 PACK TEE, which has been the subject of various collaborations in the past, uses a completely original READYMADE body.


The READYMADE logo on the back is printed with BAPE®'s signature camo pattern.


In addition, READYMADE's designer Yuta Hosokawa has drawn up a SHARK motif for this collaboration, which is printed on the arm of the L/S TEE. The zip hoodie has the message "destruction is also creation" printed on it, and each item is a special gem filled with the passion of both brands.


The collaboration products will go on sale from February 27, 2021 (Sat), with the 3PACK TEE available at READYMADE Authorized Retailers and BAPE STORE® stores, and the other four items at A BATHING APE® Authorized Retailers, US.BAPE.COM, and BAPE.COM.