For decades now, BAPE® has led the way with transcendent trends. This latest collection of BAPE STA™ footwear takes a seasonless approach to expressing the theme of “Outdoor Pursuits”. The shoes radiate a relaxed and unfussy atmosphere to reflect summer activities bathed in the glow of sunshine. They’re designed to create a feeling of comfort as you slip into them and head out into the fresh air.

The collection provides 4 new BAPE® SK8 STA colorways to suit your personal flavour of outdoor adventure. You can get the motifs accentuated with a splash of mustard yellow or orange contrast or get a softer and more muted style with brown and beige in suede and leather. If sexy and mysterious is more your style, the burgundy and black crafted with nubuck and caviar leather will probably catch your eye. All 4 designs are rounded out with the signature textured foam rubber sole and 93 TPR tap on the outsole, giving every edge of these shoes the fortitude to survive any expedition and do it in style.

If your outfits for your latest outdoor pursuits need that extra lift, be sure to get down to your BAPE STORE® location or online at US.BAPE.COM on Saturday, October 16th to get your hands on the pair that most suits your style.