BAPE STA™ has always been a favourite silhouette among sneaker enthusiasts and fashion individuals. This time, BAPE STA™ has returned in two new colourways, covering both unisex and kids' sizes. The new pastel colorways are a fresh take on the classic design, featuring a blend of beige, baby blue, mint green and pink hues that create a pair of refreshing summer kicks. The shoes are made from premium leather and feature a detachable BAPE®'s iconic STA on the sides. The soon-releasing pastel colorways of the upcoming BAPE STA™ are a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The detachable STA creates a playful yet eye-catching detail that can take your daily outfits to the next level. The shoes are perfect for casual occasions as well as a summer value-added item.

Price: $299

Available now at BAPE STORE® and on US.BAPE.COM