The BAPE STA™ has long been celebrated as a symbol of urban style and sneaker culture. With this latest release, BAPE® continues to push boundaries and redefine the concept of sneaker innovation. This time, BAPE® have meticulously crafted a shoe that not only delivers exceptional comfort and quality but also captivates with its transformative design. The upcoming release features a unique design that reveals colorful panels underneath when the shoe is worn and scuffed up. 

The first color way of Blue exudes a sense of urban coolness with its deep blue hue. The shoe's upper showcases an intricate pattern that blends seamlessly with the washed blue effect, creating a harmonious visual experience. As the wearer embraces the urban landscape and navigates through their day, the scuffs and wear of the shoe magically reveal vibrant color panels, adding an exciting burst of energy to their every step.

Complementing the first color way is the Beige one, a color way that embraces a more neutral and versatile aesthetic. The shoe's upper boasts an elegant beige tone, accented by a distinctive design that intertwines with the base color. With every wear, the hidden color panels beneath the surface come to life, infusing the shoe with unexpected pops of beige.

Available Saturday, May 20th at BAPE STORE® and on US.BAPE.COM.

Price: $299