A BATHING APE® has consistently been a creator of iconic streetwear aesthetic for nearly three decades, since 1993. Motifs and patterns have become symbolic of the brand, being used across different designs and collections, creating recognizable branding in color, pattern, and symbology. This new colorful collection of camo combos is an excellent example of their iconic camo pattern in action.

The color camo BAPE STA collection gives us a wider range of colour choice than usual, satisfying a full spectrum of preferences. Those who enjoy muted sleeker designs can pick up the black, blue or green combinations, while those who like their footwear to pop and make a louder statement might choose the red, purple or pink combos. That said, whatever hue takes your fancy, the upper area, heel and logo are all constructed using eye-catching patent leather so all of them are bound to attract attention.

Price: $279