BAPE® announces the opening of its first flagship destination in Chicago. From its roots as a best-kept secret in closed circles of Harajuku to its global footprint of over 40 retail locations today, BAPE® is known for its elevated flagships in the creative hubs shaping culture. As a city renowned for its impact on culture, creativity, and fashion, Chicago is the perfect destination for the newest location in the BAPE® universe

The BAPE STORE® CHICAGO is located at 113 E Oak Street; store hours are Monday - Saturday, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM and Sunday, 12:00 PM - 5:00 PM.


The BAPE STORE® CHICAGO is a modern tribute to the creativity, boldness and futuristic thinking of both the brand and the city. Inspired by a range of cultural influences from art institutions to luxury automotive design, futuristic films to virtual reality, the BAPE STORE® CHICAGO seamlessly melds inspiration from both vintage and futuristic design elements.

The space features two levels of discovery including a BAPE STA® resin stage, fitting rooms, and artwork displayed throughout the store. Consistent with all BAPE® retail experiences, the global brand is brought to life in a local context that makes every experience with the brand unique, expressive, and relevant while maintaining its reputation for modern architectural excellence, elevated finishes, and a premium experience at every touchpoint. 


Chicago is a global hub with a distinct local culture, and the BAPE STORE® CHICAGO is designed to reflect this intersection of global and local. Renowned artists from around the world are featured in the space, including custom work by Indonesian contemporary artist Arkiv Vilmansa and graffiti artist Josh “Stash” Franklin.

Arkiv Vilmansa created pieces titled “ASTROLAND” and “MILOLAND” in his signature, cartoon-inspired style fused with elements of BAPE®’s signature codes. Stash experiments with the classic BAPE® image combined with his globally recognized painting style and various camouflage techniques developed to create the pieces “MULTIPLEX”, “BAPE® HEAD CAMO”, and “BAPE® HEAD BLUE.”





BAPE® will offer a unique BAPE STORE® CHICAGO camo capsule available exclusively at the Chicago location. This camo capsule is inspired by the bold red and blue colors featured on the Chicago city flag. The BAPE STORE® CHICAGO Collection includes a curation of popular souvenirs as well as the brand’s signature items including tees, hoodies, crewnecks, and accessories. The collection is designed in the signature Chicago camo colorway and features the BAPE® Theater Sign graphic, inspired by Chicago's iconic and legendary theater signage.