Continuing with the military aesthetics from the collaboration with ALPHA INDUSTRIES, BAPE® has joined hands with MEDICOM TOY and is proudly announcing the launch of the BAPE® x ALPHA INDUSTRIES x BE@RBRICK collection, which includes a 1000% and a 400%+100% set.

Both Be@rbricks come in the army green camo, but the 400% + 100% set are outfitted with the classic MA-1 Jacket, while the 1000% Be@rbrick is looking dashing decked out in the most iconic MA-1 bomber jacket from BAPE®’s collaboration with ALPHA INDUSTRIES. The bomber jacket is fully reversible giving you the option of the classic military green with a hunting graphic or the BAPE® graduation camo!

 The new favorite incarnation of this collectible bear-shaped toy will be available from November 6th in all BAPE STORE® locations.