The JJJJound BAPE® collaboration celebrates the meeting point between two seemingly contrasting identities, of which the outcome is a harmonious balance between BAPE®’s classic silhouettes and JJJJound’s forward-thinking design approach.

JJJJound was originally launched in 2006 as a digital mood board exploring the recurring patterns in design. Over the next decade, JJJJound evolved beyond the realm of the Internet and was made tangible by collaborations with artists and
brands that share their strong design ethics. The result is a commitment to a different way of thinking. finding new ways to interpret products by respecting their original story.

Harkening back to its Ura-Harajuku origins in the 1990s, BAPE® gained global recognition for their bold streetwear collections and frequent collaborations. A rich range of collections and three decades later , the brand continues to define
global streetwear identity. This collection draws upon BAPE®’s core styles and iconic graphic language, combined with JJJJound’s distinctly fundamental approach to footwear and apparel design. It includes a minimal take on the BAPE STA™, reducing the shoe to its most essential attributes, alongside a logo-printed hoodie and t-shirt, featuring a reinterpretation of the classic “A BATHING APE®” motif.

 This collection will be available at A BATHING APE® authorized retailers and BAPE.COM and on Saturday, February 5th.

Hoodie - $339

BAPE STA - $309

Tee - $115