BAPE® has teamed up with MEDICOM TOY and Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington to unveil an exciting collaboration: the BAPE x MEDICOM TOY x Steven Harrington SHARK BE@RBRICK. This limited-edition release, available in 1000%, 100% & 400% sizes, is set to captivate collectors and enthusiasts alike. 

As part of this highly anticipated collaboration, Steven Harrington has meticulously designed a custom pattern titled 'FutureRetro' exclusively for the collaboration. The artwork seamlessly merges Harrington's signature characters with the iconic BAPE® ABC CAMO, resulting in a striking visual representation of both brands' artistic identities.

Adorned with a pair of California Sunglasses, the BAPE® x MEDICOM TOY x Steven Harrington SHARK BE@RBRICK reflects the silhouette of Harrington’s iconic palm trees, infusing the piece with a vibrant, sunny aesthetic that captures the essence of the West Coast lifestyle.

To further highlight the collaborative nature of this release, the BE@RBRICK's legs are tagged with Harrington's Studio Stickers. These meticulously placed stickers not only add a unique touch but also elevate the BE@RBRICK to the status of a highly coveted and personalized collectible, making it a true grail piece for enthusiasts and collectors.

 The BAPE® x MEDICOM TOY x Steven Harrington SHARK BE@RBRICK release globally on June 17th, 2023. It will be available at BAPE STORE® and US.BAPE.COM.

1000% - $1,299

400% & 100% Set - $259