A BATHING APE®︎(BAPE®︎), a fashion brand from Tokyo, and STASH (aka Josh Franklin), a graffiti artist from New York. The Leica D-LUX 7 is now available, incorporating the styles of both artists in a high-quality premium product. This camera incorporates BAPE®︎'s highly popular ABC CAMO and APE HEAD, and STASH's wildstyle artist tag on the exterior of the camera, creating a design that is sure to be a hit with fans. Graffiti artist STASH is based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a pioneer and legend in the graffiti world. STASH has transformed anonymous graffiti painted on subway tunnels into widely recognized works of art and laid the foundation for graffiti to become a new genre of art. The two creative energies of Tokyo and New York converged in Wetzlar, Germany, a city known for its optical technology and where Leica Camera was founded, to create a unique special edition compact camera. In the world of street art and street fashion, photography has always been used as a means of documentation. The Leica D-Lux 7 "A BATHING APE® x STASH" is the embodiment of the relationship between these three fields: street photography, street fashion, and street art.



“In the early 1980s, when I started graffiti, the term 'street art' did not exist. I started in the subway tunnels and train stations and finally started to get my work out into the light of day. Documenting my work with photography was part of my creativity. With the advent of digital cameras, I got my very first Leica" STASH recalls. “They are color-based, visually expressing, and offer a high degree of freedom. I think they also share the fact that the younger generation is playing a leading role in this field. The creative elements are very much related to each other, and it feels like the story of one field is completed by influences from the other two fields.” In designing this special limited-edition model, STASH took his iconic visual approach as well as the style of A BATHING APE®, which is known for its extensive use of graphical elements.