BAPE STA™ know how to complete the picture we create with our outfits by providing us with just the right footwear. With the latest drop that is arriving on September 24th, you’re getting three core components that you should be able to mix and match to create whatever image you like.

The smallest part of any digital image is a pixel, and each pixel is created by varying intensities of red, green, and blue. These fundamental colors of our digital world are the inspiration for this BAPE® SK8 STA collection. They are a big upgrade from the college color designs. While these keep some of that cool grey feel on the suede toe box, the red, green, and blue elements provide sharp, bright colorways that are sure to make your footwear pop in high definition.

Available September 24th at BAPE STORE® locations and on US.BAPE.COM.

Price: $299